Holiday Home Tour

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  • Spring Fashion Benefit

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  • Caring With Commitment Celebration

  • Table sponsorship
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    Always appreciated, cash donations may be donor directed.

    Special Cooperative Agreement

    Contact us for more information on specially negotiated, mutually beneficial arrangements.

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    2017 Holiday Home Tour Major Sponsors

    Event Media & Website

    Event sponsors and donors are afforded high visibility because CWC could not host the event without them. Underwriters who contribute a high level of cash up front to cover event expenses get the premiere attention, but we also recognize other supporters based on their level of giving. In-kind donations of items and services are always welcome for auctions, raffles and even to run the event itself.

    Each of CWC's major events has its own website which will feature high level underwriters and list other supporters based on the contribution level. In addition, the events include recognition in printed programs and signage. The fashion benefit and CWCC also include slide shows.


    Since CWC activities attract such a following, your business should consider paid advertising as part of its marketing strategy. Ads may be purchased for event programs.


    Printed event programs reach a large audience. The December Holiday Home Tour typically attracts approximately 1,000 visitors and the spring Lunch with the Girlz fashion benefit attendance varies from 500 to 900 guests. Print ads are presented in a well-designed program booklet, sometimes incorporating full color depending on the event budget.


    Event sponsorship is essentially purchase of tremendous visibility associated with the event. While some agreements incorporate donation of in-kind services to establish the sponsorship level, every underwriting sponsor is expected to provide some level of cash support. As with supporters donating goods or services, this type of advertiser is recognized in the event's website based on the total value of the support provided.