To honor outstanding members and bring their efforts to the forefront, these lifetime achievement awards are represented by a single-stemmed rose.

Past Honorees

Members may qualify for more than one category, but may not be honored twice with the same award. The first four categories (Tyro, Sterling, Excaliber and Regency) are Leadership Awards based on length of Club membership. Remaining three categories are Special Service Awards relating to member presence in the Club and the community.

Nominations are by Club members only (you may nominate yourself) using the form below. You may nominate more than one person. All nominations must be received by March 15.

Nomination Form

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The blush of the apricot color rose represents Enthusiasm and Desire. A Tyro is a beginner, a novice. This "rookie" award honors the exceptional achievement of an individual new to the Club.


Among roses, the hybrid tea rose "Sterling" is considered the classic ideal. Its unique lavender color is closest to blue, a color that defines the constancy, devotion and loyalty of its member honoree.


The red rose represents Respect, Courage and Love of CWC. Excalibur confers honor, excellence and leadership of the highest order.


The deep pink rose symbolizes Gratitude and Appreciation. The Regency Award honors members whose long-term club involvement makes a positive impact on the quality of the Colleyville Woman's Club.


The white rose represents Humility and Purity of Heart. The Carillon proclaims the good deeds of this "Behind-the Scenes" member, whose efforts truly make a difference for others.


The yellow rose stands for Joy, Gladness and Caring. A golden aura of goodness surrounds this member volunteers, who exemplifies community spirit through her caring for others.


Green is the color of new growth and health; the result of care and nourishment. The Spirit Award honors the individual who embodies the mission of CWC with a positive presence within CWC and throughout the community.